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I’m sure that at one point or another, you’ve heard of ATDHE.

Subsequent sports in this day and age is no simple task, especially with all
these local power cut restrictions and “pay per view” only options. ATDHE made
this a lot simpler for all of us, offering daily streams to pretty much every
game imaginable whether it be football, basketball, hockey, soccer, and even
tennis. They also offered TV show viewings for the most well loved TV shows like
South Park, How I Met Your Mother, and Two and a Half Men. Even news channels
could be watched through ATDHE.
The best part of all of this was everything was a simple click away. No
registration, no redirection, no bullshit required. You get on the site and you
click what you want to watch and it’s instantly there! Well, the Specialty of
Justice, the IPR Center, and Land of your birth Security Investigations were not
fans of this at all. They have been trying to take down the site for years, and
it appears they have finally succeeded.

Please go to and say your finally goodbyes now.

The domain name has been “seized” by the ICE since the beginning of February. It
appears our streaming days are over.

Wait! atdhe In less than 72 hours, a new site was up and

(the exact same site as the previous
Looks like the streamers get the last laugh once again.It took the ICE more than
3 years to place an end to In 3 days, a new site was up and fully
functional. Everyone that watched streams on surely did a quick google
search and found the new site (perhaps that’s how you came across this article).
So what was the point of all of this? I reckon it’s time for all of these
“Justice” departments to throw in the towel. Let’s see review some of their
previous work and success rates.